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Welcome to Reception (FS2)

Mrs Marcus, Miss Grant and Mrs Flinders welcome you to our class page, where you will find all the useful information that you will need during your time in our class.

Our Day

Our day starts at 8.40am when our door will be open for children to come in until 8.50am. Our day ends at 3.10pm.

Our PE session is Friday morning – as part of our Curriculum the children change into their kit at school, this helps with their independence and fine motor skills. We ask children to keep their kit on their peg for the full half term, so that it doesn’t get forgotten each week. It can be taken home for a wash at the end of the half term. Please make sure all of your child’s clothes are labelled as this makes it easier to identify lost items.

Homework is daily reading of either a book at your child’s phonic level (changed each Monday) or a book from the classroom or library (changed each Wednesday). The aim is to read a minimum of 5 times in a week for 5-10 minutes each time. This will help your child build fluency in reading and increase their vocabulary.

Your child may sometimes bring home some sounds/key words too – these will come with instructions on how to help practise reading and writing them confidently.

Please see our tips for helping your child at home leaflets and our list of useful websites for more ideas.

We also hand out knowledge organisers to introduce new vocabulary and ideas for home learning over the holiday, based upon the upcoming focus in class.

If there is any information that you can't find on our class page, please get in touch with the school office by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Curriculum

In Reception at Reignhead, we want children to be happy, confident and determined to succeed. We provide them with a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn and explore. Children are given lots of opportunities to initiate and facilitate their own learning through carefully resourced provision areas. Adults support children through high quality interactions. Each half term we have an overarching theme which provides the focus for learning. Throughout the year we use a wide variety of books to inspire the children and we plan engaging and purposeful activities to immerse them in their learning

The children's learning is carried out through practical activities, learning through doing and small focus groups with a member of staff.  A record is made of children’s progress on our on-line system called ‘Tapestry’.  The children’s work can also be tracked in their Phonics, Literacy and Maths Books and displays in the classroom. Parents can follow our learning journey on the website and Twitter page. Parents are often invited into our classroom to take part or watch the results of our journey.


Please see our long term overview for some of the exciting topics and themes our learning covers.


During half term four, we will be learning all about 'Down on the Farm'.


Take a look at our most recent learning...

 Mrs Marcus

Teaching Early Years for 10 Years

Favourite colour – green

Favourite animal – monkey

Favourite Nursery rhyme – Humpty Dumpty

Favourite book – Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

Miss Grant

Worked in Early Years for 10 Years

Favourite colour – turquoise

Favourite animal – giraffe

Favourite Nursery rhyme – Wheels on the Bus

Favourite book – The Tiger Who Came for Tea by Judith Kerr

Mrs Flinders – Wednesdays

Teaching Assistant for over 20 years

Favourite colour – blue

Favourite animal – chickens (she has lots!)

Favourite Nursery rhyme – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Favourite book – Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson