Reignhead Primary School

Reignhead Primary School Reignhead Primary School

Be The B.E.S.T To Achieve Success For All


At Reignhead Primary School we want our pupils to have a good knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We aim to encourage children to think and ask questions about how things work and have the skills to find out if they do not know.

We aim to develop children’s critical thinking and problem solving which they can use in and around the classroom but also outside of school in the natural world. 

As part of our Science curriculum, we carry out lots of interesting and engaging practical activities to support the children with their learning starting in Nursery with looking at floating and sinking to our older children investigating electrical circuits.

We teach the 5 types of enquiry meaning children are given lots of opportunities to research, conduct comparative and fair tests, observing changes over time, look for and find patterns and identify, classify and group items.

Science Week is an annual week long event we hold in school filled with lots of exciting, engaging, practical experiments to enthuse and engage our children as scientists.