Reignhead Primary School

Reignhead Primary School

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Meet the team

Mrs Minton (Monday-Wednesday)

Teaching for13 years

Favourite colour – Yellow

Favourite animal – giraffe

Favourite Nursery rhyme – Old Macdonald

Favourite book – The Gingerbread Man (Traditional Tale)

Mrs Hodgkinson (Wednesday to Friday)

Teaching Early Years for 17 years

Favourite colour – pink

Favourite animal – panda

Favourite Nursery rhyme – Miss Polly had a Dolly

Favourite book – Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson

Mrs Bradley

Working in Early Years for over 30 years! Most of them at Reignhead.

Favourite colour – orange

Favourite animal – giraffe

Favourite Nursery rhyme – I’m a little teapot

Favourite book – Through my Window by Tony Bradman

Mrs Marcus EYFS Lead – Currently Teaching in Reception

Teaching Early Years for 9 Years

Favourite colour – green

Favourite animal – monkey

Favourite Nursery rhyme – Humpty Dumpty

Favourite book – Peace at Last by Jill Murphy