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Our Curriculum

Nursery education forms the first part of the Foundation Stage, and the curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning:


  • Communication and language
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design


Children at Reignhead Nursery learn through first-hand experience, play-based and teacher-led activities, following children’s interests and excitement. They are encouraged to take part in enjoyable learning activities in the classroom and outdoors in our Nursery playground and Woodland Area. Indoors, they also take part in small focused groups encouraging early Maths and Literacy. We encourage a love of learning, independence, focus and determination in order for children to succeed.


Nursery children are involved in the social life of the school, helping them experience a very successful transition to our Reception class.


Please see our long term overviews for some of the exciting topics and themes our learning covers.


During half term four, we will be learning all about 'Over the Rainbow'.

Take a look at some of our learning experiences...

Food Glorious Food

Children made their own chocolate bars and designed their own wrappers

Pancake Day...Yummy!

Science Week

The children in FS1 had a wonderful time during science week.  We investigated how things change and looked closely at thing that can be frozen and melted.  Olaf sent the children a challenge to keep his friends frozen in ice.  The children chose to put some in the freezer and some outside, as it was a frosty cold day.  We then put coloured blocks of ice in the water and predicted what would happen when two colours melted and mixed.  Finally, during baking time, we found out what happened to chocolate when it was warmed up. It melted and was perfect to make crispy buns!


Autumn Curriculum