Reignhead Primary School

Reignhead Primary School Reignhead Primary School

Be The B.E.S.T To Achieve Success For All

Teaching Staff


Nursery (FS1): Mrs Rosalind Minton & Mrs Kerry Hodgkinson


Reception (FS2): Mrs Emma Marcus - Early Years/KS1 Leader

Reception (FS2): Miss Rosie Hemsley


Year 1: Mrs Hodgkinson/ Mrs Herrington

Year 2: Miss Alex Kirby


Year 3/4: Mrs Alison Knutsen 

Year 3/4: Miss Libby Tipton

Year 3/4: Miss Jade Libberton - Year 3/4 Leader


Year 5: Mrs Maddison Bennett / Mrs Elizabeth Dunn - Year 5/6 Leader

Year 5: Miss Beth Higginbottom (Maternity)

Year 6: Miss Marshall 

Year 6: Miss Jager


Silver Base: Miss Lorraine Wells