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At Reignhead Primary School, our computing curriculum is based on the 2021 Sheffield Computing Curriculum. This curriculum is split into two sections; Digital Literacy, Online Safety and ICT & Computational Thinking. Within these sections a range of strands are covered including key skills, text and images, multimedia, understanding and sharing data, and programming and algorithms. As we teach in mixed age classes, the curriculum has carefully been adapted to ensure progression builds year upon year.


Computing lessons take place on a weekly basis and each class is allocated a laptop slot per week. At Reignhead, we are fortunate to have two class sets of laptops as well as a range of other computing equipment including IPads and Bee Bots. As well as lessons on the laptops, unplugged lessons are also used to deliver the curriculum.


The Sheffield Computing Curriculum is designed to ensure all children develop technological skills so they can function in an ever increasing technological world! We believe children should be confident using a range of technological devices as well as the skills to use them effectively and efficiently.