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At Reignhead, we value the importance of high quality language teaching. Learning a foreign language helps children to develop their communication skills and extends their knowledge of how language works. It also gives children a new perspective on the world, encouraging them to understand their own culture and those of others. Through language teaching, our Core Value of ‘Show Respect’ is embedded.


Each Key Stage 2 child is taught French and lessons are carefully planned to ensure children make progress and become increasingly confident to communicate in another language. At Reignhead, we focus particularly on speaking and listening so that children are helped to develop fluency. We use the Primary French Project scheme of work and the children enjoy using the resources including listening to stories and learning through song; the children have the opportunity to learn French vocabulary linked to a range of topics including animals, the local environment, how to tell the time and more.


In Year 3/4 children also have the opportunity to learn more about French geography and life in France through the topic ‘En France’ which supports their language work.