Reignhead Primary School

Reignhead Primary School Reignhead Primary School

Be The B.E.S.T To Achieve Success For All


Here at Reignhead we are dedicated to giving children the chance to explore and discuss their world in the safe environment of the classroom. This includes concepts such as: friendships, family, online safety and mental and physical health. The purpose is to equip the children with knowledge and understanding of themselves and the enormous value they have. Further to this, they learn how they are a part of their community and the wider world in all its diversity and the importance of tolerance.  


This subject is taught in one lesson each week, where they actively learn and discuss. The children take part in Circle Time where they learn how to contribute and discuss pertinent topics and current matters. However the subject is reflected on and referred to in the children’s daily lives as they are always asked to reflect on being ready, being kind and keeping themselves and others safe. These values are at the core of everything that we deliver to the children at Reignhead and intertwine throughout the entire curriculum.