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At Reignhead Primary School we use the White Rose Maths materials as our mathematic ‘spine’ to support the delivery of the National Curriculum guidance. We use the long term overviews, termly overviews, small steps fluency and reasoning guidance as a basis to plan and deliver our Mathematics Curriculum on a weekly basis with regularly opportunities to practice key skills and prior learning throughout the year.


Within our sessions, Mathematical Talk is promoted by use of key vocabulary and questioning throughout. This is supported by the WRM materials. When children talk about mathematical concepts, they develop the vital mathematical language that helps them explain their ideas.


A typical Reignhead Maths Lesson we would want to see it being question driven, have opportunities for discussion; include concrete, pictorial and abstract representations; all pupils needs met and all pupils engaged in their mathematics learning.


We believe success in mathematics for every child is possible and ability is not innate, and is increased through effort. As a school we must ensure every school leaver achieves as strong foundation in mathematics as possible.


More detailed information about how our school delivers maths and our approach can be found in our supporting documents on this page.

 Addition and Subtraction Key Representation Document.pdfDownload
 Agreed Principles in Mathematics.pubDownload
 Maths Exemplar.pubDownload
 Maths in the National Curriculum.pdfDownload
 Multiplication and Division Key Representation Document.pdfDownload
 Reignhead Primary School Calculation Policy.pubDownload
 Reignhead Primary School Strategies to Solve Problems.pubDownload
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