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Be The B.E.S.T To Achieve Success For All


In PE we use the GetSet4PE scheme to help support all the lessons that we teach for indoor and outdoor PE.


The children at Reignhead are taught a wide range of skills throughout the year in order to help them participate in many sports include ones that allow them to work as a team and ones that builds their independence.


We encourage the children to use all the skills taught throughout the year to participate in competitions within school and outside of school including: athletics, football and multi-skills events. We use these events to help promote sportsmanship and friendly competition.


A typical PE lesson will consist of a warm up, skill development and practise time for those skills and then some time to put any new skills into practise, finished with a cool down. Throughout these lessons we also discuss why exercise is important for our bodies and what we can do to help keep our bodies and minds active and healthy.


We believe that PE should be enjoyable for children and teach them new sports and skills to help them find sports that they may be passionate about and what to do outside of school.


Some events children will take part in:

  • Sports day
  • Tag rugby
  • Ball skills
  • Athletics
  • Multi-sports
  • Dodgeball