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Be The B.E.S.T To Achieve Success For All

Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament has one councillor from every class representing the voice of children at Reignhead Primary School.


The Executive Committee are Year 6 children who are recognised for consistently upholding our BEST Core Values and for having leadership potential.

We have six year 6 children who make up the Executive Committee: four House Captains (one pupil from each dojo team); an eco-ambassador; and a healthy minds ambassador.

The Pupil Parliament meets regularly with Mrs. Fairfax to discuss important matters at Reignhead and make suggestions on how to improve our school and move it into the future.


The class councillors have the important job of gathering views and suggestions from their classes and feeding these back during the meetings. They also inform the class of important news and upcoming events.  

2023/24 - Year 6 Executive Committee